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Nobody wants a warm beverage….

Concert and Festival goers often choose to purchase multiple beverages to keep themselves hydrated while having a great time. It can be frustrating having to stand in line, put beverages on the ground, or worst of all having drinks get warm.


Boa Coolers is the solution…

Lightweight, leakproof, and keeping beverages cold throughout a concert or festival, this is how Boa Coolers keeps customers happy. 


A new revenue stream for Promoters and Organizers…

Create a revenue stream by selling Boa Coolers at your beverage tents as an upsell when customers purchase their beverages! We partner with your existing sponsors or work together on new sponsors and put their logo on Boa Coolers for continued advertising during and after the event.

*Must be allowed back in the event for multi-day shows*


Put your brand on Boa Coolers… 

Companies love to put their logo on Boa Coolers to advertise their brand and create top of mind awareness! As customers use their coolers during and after the event, company branding will continue to drive the return on investment. There is also the ability to place a discount card in the front drink pocket as an extra analytics and tracking tool.


The coolest merchandise or VIP swag bag…

Restriction on beverage sales?  

Beverages must be opened before they are given to the customers at your event? 

No problem! 

Boa Coolers are still a great item at the merchandise table or as a fantastic VIP incentive!


Build your brand with Boa Coolers today…

Contact us at  for more information!

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