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How We Got Our Start

We saw a need for Boa Coolers when we noticed hard side coolers are large and a pain to carry around. Other companies backpack coolers are bulky, not travel friendly, and often times very expensive.

Why couldn't there be a lightweight, packable cooler you could wear on your back that wouldn't break the bank? That's when it hit us. Boa Coolers would be designed after a drawstring bag making them lightweight and packable.

Why the name Boa?

The name for boa coolers came from the boa constrictor snake. We noticed as we closed the drawstring cooler that it "constricted" close. Thus the name boa coolers was born.

(We also have a little fun that our "prey" is the beverages we constrict close in the cooler!)

Why Boa Coolers?

Boa coolers are designed identical to a drawstring bag making them lightweight, packable, and able to be worn on your back. This makes the boa cooler to be very versitile.

Uses for Boa Coolers

-Beach Days


-Traveling (able to lay flat in luggage)




-Racing events

-Tailgating/ Sporting events


-Keeping ice cream/Groceries cool


Whenever you are on the go!

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